The Inclusion Deck is a Different Kind of Card

Looking for a way to engage groups in discussion of DEI topics?
There is no competition,There are no winners and no losers, only interpersonal connections. Its magic is that it provides a path for the non-threatening exploration of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (“DEI”) issues without conflict or anxiety.
It uses game-like elements in a group setting that develops and exercises the personal and interpersonal skills most necessary for making progress on the DEI journey:
A place to think about what has been lived
Stories while learning about diversity
To feelings and experiences that are “in common.”
To enable us to understand others
Its process draws from the stories of each player. Each speaks, each listens and each has the opportunity to hear what they have in common and what draws them to a place of understanding and empathy.
The setting
• For groups of 3-20
• Duration from 15 minutes to 1 hour
• Teenage and above
Google Reviews
Trusted By 1,000 Professionals
This deck is a non-threaten way to introduce DEI to any group I love it.
Marcella Jones
DEI Consultant
I introduced this game to my coworkers during a coffee break and they loved it, now it’s part of our DEI coffee break!
Ben Martin
IT Admin
My boss bought the Inclusion Deck and shared it during a staff meeting now we start our meeting with one card and talk about. It’s a must have.
Julia Gibson
HR Manager
How To Play


Designate a leader to organize the play and gently lead the process


Place, face down on a table, a few cards more than the number of players.


Identify a starring player. That player selects a card, turns it over and reads it out loud, then responds to the card and afterwards all other players respond to the same card.
Allow time for reflection and conversation
This process is followed by the next player until all players have selected a card an all players have responded to it.


At the end of the card-play process, listen for players’ reaction to the selection / reading / responding / listening experience. Gently probe the reaction (e.g.  “I liked it.” “What about the process appealed to you?”). 2024